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    Portage offers customized consulting support to start-ups and SMEs. We have reviewed over 500 business plans with a focus on strategy and marketing issues. Contact us to arrange a free initial consultation. Additional resources drawn from our presentations, writings and the business press can be found at this link. Please note that copyright may be asserted by individual authors. 

    NEW: From Employment to Self-employment.  Five Key Success Factors with J Dixon. 

    Interview with Start-up Entrepreneur, Jenn Day



    The inspiration for our corporate identity comes from a love of the Canadian wilderness and particularly, canoeing in Ontario’s Algonquin Park.  The French word portage means to carry or transport.  Typically, when canoeing it’s required when your route is blocked or no longer navigable and you must carry everything (including the canoe) to the next navigable river.  This certainly encourages you to pack light, plan your route and work well as a team with your fellow enthusiasts.  Every organization  faces obstacles that require a lift or new thinking to get to the next level.

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